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Aloha Ke Akua

God is love! Bible Stories: Jesus found at the temple, Jesus gathers his disciples, Jesus heals many (blindness, leprosy, etc). Memory Verses: Letter S, T , and V. February 2nd OPEN HOUSE..come and visit your child’s classroom! Thank you for signing up for appointments. Celebrating Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year! Na keiki will be creating Valentine’s Masterpieces of art, using fine motor skills to cut out hearts, decorating Heart Hats, and mixing red and white paint to create the color pink! We will also look at the heart as a body part that God gave us to keep our body alive and functioning. We will also discuss Proverbs 17:17 “A friend loves at all times”, as well as the Fruit of the Spirit “Love”. **Our FANTASTIC Kindergarten Class will give us a treat of performing their “I have A Dream” speech by Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. The presentation will include the meaning of fair, equal, and Dream. We will be celebrating Chinese New Year on Friday, February 12th with art activities, Chinese Lion Dance (bythechildren),thecontinentofAsia,andhowChinesefamiliescelebrateKungHeeFatChoy. Wewillalso “taste” Chinese noodles, gau gee, and char siu. Science: God loves us so much that He designed us with a Heart to keep us alive! We’ll be looking at the parts of the heart and its functions. God made us and animals with a heart: an elephant, a human, even a grasshopper! Get Heart Healthy - let’s exercise with Jack Hartman! Community helpers: Heart Surgeon and Cardiologists Color: Pink Shape: Heart and Curvilinear Triangle Holiday (No School): , President’s Day, No School. February 15 Math Operations: Review teen numbers from 11-19, number symbols, numerical order, and quantities with meaningful counting. Counting by tens, hundreds, and thousands. Literacy:DailyreadingdrillsandShowandTellonFridays. EachkeikihasanIndividualLearningPlan because they learn differently. Black History Month: We’ve discovered how amazing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr! Astronaut Mae Jemison was in space for eight days and had other jobs as a doctor, actor, author, and a teacher! We will also look at more people who made a difference in the world! Next Month: Celebration of Dr. Seuss, Girl’s Day, and closed March 15-19 for Spring Break.

Liz Santa Ana

"Love the Lord with all your heart, with

all your Soul"

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